The confessions/confusions of a Borderline.

Tw: Death, Anxiety, Suicide

Guru Nicketan
1 min readMay 3, 2021


I see death all around

On screens big and small,

Lifeless bodies lying around,

I wonder why fate chose them all.

I see the tears streaming down

the faces of their loved ones,

I hear the wails and the cries.

A part of me breaks down at the sight

The other parts?

At my own plight.

Why is the world so cruel,

Plucking away lives of people and leaving their loved ones to grieve

When there are some souls here

longing to leave?

Everything in the world evens out,

They say.

But they don’t look at the whole picture,

Do they?

I do spot an imbalance,

Where one’s wishes stay wishes

As the other gets it granted,

Irrespective of whether or not

they want it.

How great would it be if the world indeed functioned,

Like a matrix that is coded —

Where the souls that want to live are spared,

And the hands of death clench

Those that are despaired.

They’d smile at the ones that survived,

Happy they gave them a chance to stay alive.

They’d look forward to leaving the world behind,

Never wanting a heart again, nor a mind.

For they’ve once been through the curse of a birth,

Preferring heaven or hell, just not Earth.

How great would it be, if that indeed happened

The lives of those who want to live get spared,

And the lives those who don’t, doesn’t,

Then we’d see a balance,

The universe perfectly squared.